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What Our Readers Are Saying:

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This review is from: Everybody Is Not Made For This: Mastering Life As A Boss Wife (Kindle Edition)
This book is a WOW! Crysta mixed common sense – which sometimes isn’t so common – and practicality into a practice you can understand. I really appreciated her taking us into her world of being a Boss and defining what makes a “Boss Wife”. Her insight into handling various obstacles as you build your business really hit home with me. I would recommend this book to anyone that is starting up their business and wants to gain some insight into how to navigate their way to success. Excellent Read!
J. Tales
I’ve read this book five times. It is an awesome read. I love the fact that the book is very relatable. Crysta used personal experiences to peek interests, allowing each reader to obtain a very meaningful understanding of what was written. This publication is full of information and the checklists are EVERYTHING!!! The quotes at the beginning of each chapter makes it hard to put her (the book) down. If anyone needs a pick me up, I highly recommend reading this book. “THE BOSSES WIFE” #CrystaWicks GAVE ME LIFE WITH THIS ONE! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next from her. #Awesomeness #Life #Love #Relatable #Joy #Happiness #Understanding #Everything #AndSome (100 Stars)
A. Savage
This is like reading a guide from a friend on how you should claim your success. Not everyone is privileged to have a friend who will be 100% honest with you about reaching your goals. Also many friends may try to prevent or hinder you from chasing after your dreams. Crysta does a wonderful job at being straight and to the point and helping her reader to over come old patterns and reminding them to put themselves first for a change.
Technically this book falls under the self help genre, but it doesn’t read like a self help book. Crysta is very relatable and really cares about empowering other women. I found myself nodding and smiling a lot while reading this book. If you’re looking for a guide that you’ll find yourself referencing over and over again, then this is a must read.
Q. Pope
If you are into reading materials that are focused on self-improvement and the law of attraction, then you need to add this to your collection. Crysta gives great advice and insight on being the best woman you can be. Even if you’re not yet a wife and mother, like myself, there are still plenty of gems to take with you on your journey through life.
Ashley Nicole
Wow what an amazing book. Great reading and very informative. A must have in your collection.
M. Costello
Yes!!! And yes is truly the first word that came to mind when reading it. Crysta is an inspiration to women no matter what facet or hand you have been dealt. Her envision into the future have marked her as one of the most informative women that I have ever seen. Business is her six sense and she is the key definition of “knowledge is power”. I believe this book is for females of all ages. It shows our young women how their journey can be with the right partner you can have it all and compromise is the comfortable word in a marriage. Versatility is the key word in motherhood and family. And knowledge, well thats the glue that holds it all together. Crysta shows that it is attainable. “AND WOMEN WE CAN, HAVE IT ALL”!!! This is a must read book.
Lisa S. Tape’-Flemming
Amazing book! Ms. Crysta Wicks provided easy to follow and life applicable skills for every woman to use. This self-help book is a must have! This is not your ordinary book…. once you pick it up, you will be compelled to read it till the end. There are several
nuggets in this book to store away in your toolbox when life presents itself! Thanks Ms. Crysta!
Unknown Review

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